[DRBD-user] Re: drbd "short read" ???

Gernot Schmied gernot.schmied at chello.at
Wed Sep 21 11:41:46 CEST 2005

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Philipp Reisner wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 20. September 2005 19:20 schrieb Gernot W. Schmied:
>>I am getting the following drbd 0.7.12 output on Redhat FC4 at shutdown
>>(no heartbeat involved):
>>"drbd0 short read expecting header on sock: r=-512"
> in DRBD-0.7 there is no explicit shutdown packet in the protocol,
> so that node simply states, the other side closed the socket, while
> I expected a packet header... nothing to worry about.
> BTW, you should _not_ use 0.7.12 (though it works on UP machines)
> See:
> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-announce/2005-September/000030.html
> -Phil

Hi Philipp,

Thanks for the clarification. I am aware of the 0.7.12 multiprocessor
issue which does not affect my setup (followed the thread), hence I
didn't bother to upgrade yet without further feature/performance
incentives :-).


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