[DRBD-user] File corruption

Amod Sutavane amodsutavane at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:26:58 CEST 2005

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Hi All ,

I am using DRBD+HA for last 2 months and configured for Mail Server. I have
configured DRBD with meta-disk internal. This was running fine till last
week. But from then randomly some files are getting corrupted/damaged. I
need to re-create the files by removing to make it work. I am getting errors
like "EXT3-fs error (device drbd(147,0)): read_block_bitmap: Cannot read
block bitmap". My HDD space is 80GB and i am the partition that i am using
to sync is of 71GB. I know that DRBD has 128MB reserve for meta-data and
this could be one of the reasons of above problem. What will be the
implication if i shrink the exsting file system now( i am having 40GB of
data)?? or any other solution to optimize the DRBD??

Thanks in Advanced ...

Amod Sutavane.
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