[DRBD-user] Re: filesystem corruptions

Eugene Crosser crosser at rol.ru
Mon Oct 10 18:31:09 CEST 2005

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Lars Ellenberg wrote:

>>Apparently, the filesystem errors indeed appear only in the
>>in-memory copy only.  I figure that this is an important symptom to
>>narrow down the search.
> ah, yes:
> does a
>  # umount /whatever
>  # blockdev  --flushbufs /dev/drbdX
>  # blockdev  --flushbufs /dev/real/storage/dev
>  # mount /dev/drbdX /whatever
> help, too?

They guy who is responsible for the system is off-duty right now (for
night sleep:); when he arrives tomorrow we'll arrange this test, and
I'll also report exact versions of everyting as you requested.

(for now: kernel 1.6.10 and 2.6.11.something, smp, drbd 0.7.11 and
0.7.13.  Kernel is that old because mvsata driver does not compile on
newer ones)

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