[DRBD-user] Moving drbd base devices around

Sven Mueller drbd-devel at incase.de
Thu May 19 15:01:30 CEST 2005

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I use drbd on a server and would like to replace the current system disk
with a bigger one. My plan is to insert the new disk as a second hd
(/dev/hdb, to be exact) and create a new drbd device there (partition
with internal meta data). After copying any data from the old drbd
device to the new (bigger) one, I intend to remove the old hda, move hdb
to hda, fix the drbd config to reflect the change in device names and
boot from the new disk.

So, Should I expect any problems accessing drbd0 (on hda5) which was
created as drbd1 (on hdb5)?


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