[DRBD-user] Primary Crash 1 WEEEK

Roy Bixler rcb at press.uchicago.edu
Thu Mar 24 15:47:27 CET 2005

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On Thursday 24 March 2005 03:41 am, Peter.Sokol at vwess.sk wrote:
> i had Problem with Primary Server (motherboard was defective).
> After exchange it i have the problems with the raid in the same server.
> I had to be done new installation of OS (Mandrake) with drbd 0.6.12 and
> heartbeat.
> I have on /dev/nb0 no data (its clean).
> All is ready for load...
> Secondary Server ran for 1 Week (with bigger size of data as before) ...

Could you be more specific about what you mean by "with bigger size of data as 

> Question:
> I can turn this Primary Server  online (link together network card and
> serial interface between Primary and Secondary)?
> Then i have got to turn the Secondary offline?
> Or?
> And then?

If I understand correctly, it sounds like your secondary server was running as 
the primary for a week.  So you need to make your new primary server into a 
secondary, syncronise the data and then you can reverse the roles of the two 
servers (i.e. resume operations as they were before your motherboard 

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