[DRBD-user] Sync slow with drbd 0.7.10 and linux 2.6.11

Harry Edmon harry at atmos.washington.edu
Wed Mar 9 23:10:58 CET 2005

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I have two 2.6.11 systems with 3ware cards hooked up via drbd 0.7.10.   
When set up freshair2 (8000 3ware card) as the primary and sync it to 
funnel1 (9000 3ware card), it runs 20-30 MBytes/sec.  However, when I 
reverse this (funnel1->freshair2) the sync rate is 7 MBytes/sec.  I have 
tested the network and disk bandwidth by doing a rcp from funnel1to 
freshair2, and I get 27 Mbytes/sec, which seems to eliminates the 
network and the disk.  This is with nothing else running on either 
machine.  All that is left appears to be drbd.

Both units are dual Xeon systems, and have have tried them with both 
hyperthreading on and off.   Anyone have any ideas?  I have attached the 
drbd.conf file.

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