[DRBD-user] drbd with existing file system ( and internal metadata).

Brett Bolen hbbolen at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 9 15:30:18 CET 2005

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If he does not resize the filesystem, then do all syncs become
full syncs?

There is some reluctance that doing mkfs on the /dev/drbd0
device ( or shrinking an existing partion) is necessary.

Can you tell me what happens if we use 'internal metadata'
with an existing file system ( ie one without the extra
space at the end)?


Michael Haverkamp wrote:
> Brett Bolen wrote:
>> I would like to use an existing file system as the source
>> for a drbd pair.
>> What will happen if I do use the existign partion ( without
>> mkfs'ng it)?  How does it know what to sync?
> Before it syncs anything, you must declare one system to be "primary". 
> The other system will then sync all of its data from the primary.
>> What does 'shrink the filesystem' mean?  How do I do this?
> man resize2fs   ( if using ext3 )
> man resize_reiserfs    ( if using reiserfs )
> etc.
>> Thanks.
>>   b\375
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