[DRBD-user] Reply-to header for list?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Mar 2 15:42:24 CET 2005

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/ 2005-03-01 10:23:30 -0800
\ Jeff Buck:
> Is there some reason the DRBD-user list doesn't include a reply-to
> header? I find that most of the time I respond to something on the list
> I forget to hit reply to all, and it ends up only going to that one
> person. It's not really a problem, but most of my other lists use the
> reply-to header, so when I respond on this one I always forget.
> Was this by design to help keep the frivolous traffic to a minimum? Does
> it catch anyone else on a frequent basis, or am I just a stinking idiot
> ;)?

since you use evolution, ctrl-l (reply-to-list) is your friend ...
if you google for "reply-to considered" or "reply-to mail-followup-to"
you will find endless discussions about why to (not) do it this way.

	Lars Ellenberg

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