[DRBD-user] howto recover after split brain [DRBD syncronization order specification.]

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Jun 17 21:32:15 CEST 2005

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/ 2005-06-13 15:34:59 +0400
\ Igor Yu. Zhbanov:
> Hello!
> In some situations such as split-brain it is hard to predict syncronization
> order of DRBD.
if you know what happened, you can predict.
if you don't know, you can use the "read_gc.pl" script (testing
directory of the tgz) to read the generation counters on both nodes,
and you know again...

> So is it possible to ask DRBD to test whether it will be SyncTarget or
> SyncSource?

not directly, only by reading the generation counters by hand/script.
btw, a running Primary will refuse to become SyncTarget, and rather go

> Or is it possible to specify synchronization order
> without invalidating the whole device?

not directly, but by using the "--human" flag when appropriate,
or by carefully manipulating the generation counters by hand.

> It will help to recover after split-brains, so more recent data will not be
> lost and total synchronization of 1.2 TB disk array will be avoided.

well, after a split brain situation, you have to recover by hand
anyways, and you will lose data, anyways.

> If it not already possible, I think it will be two very useful features of
> cluster management:
> 1) Probing a synchronization order without starting the synchronization.


> 2) Explicit chosing the synchronization order without total invalidation,
>    so sychronization can be quick.



you recognize a split brain situation.
 - make sure that both nodes are disconnected,
   both# drbdadm disconnect all
 - stop heartbeat and/or services and monitoring thingies
   both# <whatever> stop
 - make the one with the worse data secondary
   worse# drbdadm secondary all
   (still disconnected!)
 - make the one with the better data secondary
   better# drbdadm secondary all
   (still disconnected!)
 - make the one with the better data primary, using the --human flag
   better# drbdadm -- --human primary all
   (still disconnected!)
 - reconnect the devices
   both# drbdadm reconnect all
 - start heartbeat and/or services ...
   both# <whatever> start

should pretty much work as good as it gets.

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