[DRBD-user] mdev->state.s.role on drbd_req.c line 184

kisanak at cbn.net.id kisanak at cbn.net.id
Wed Jun 1 05:04:44 CEST 2005

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I just found this error using 0.8-pre1 and on Suse 9.3:

drbd0: ASSERT( mdev->state.s.role == Primary ) in /usr/src/packages/BUILD/kernel-smp-
drbd0: IO ERROR: neither local nor remote disk
Buffer I/O error on device drbd0, logical block 0

is it related to the note on drbd site: 

Note: Though SuSE 9.3 comes with "drbd-0.8.0-3", as of this writing there is no such thing officially released, yet. This SuSE package is based on development code, so if you have any problems, performance or other, don't even ask. Just use one of the official LinBit packages, see below.

Thanks for any helps.

A. Yahya Sjarifuddin

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