[DRBD-user] Re: drbdadm detach

Bradley Baetz bradley.baetz at optusnet.com.au
Thu Jul 28 01:58:08 CEST 2005

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On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 09:12:49AM +1000, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> I'm trying to test the 0.7.11 version of drbd (upgrading from 0.6 on a
> 2.4 kernel).

> Then on giveback, the system started doing a full sync:

Theres something else odd going on here, too. During the resync, if the
SyncTarget is Primary, I get a _lot_ better performance than if the
SyncTarget is Secondary.

'tested' with a quick and dirty pgbench run. Just dd'ing 1G from
/dev/zero into a file (and then syncing) takes 4min6sec when the SyncTarget
is primary, vs 4min45sec when Secondary. this is repeatable, and I didn't
see this performance issue when not doing a resync.

What would cause this? I'm running drbd on top of LVM, if that matters.



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