[DRBD-user] Very slow sync speed

Wienke Giezeman wgiezeman at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 11:24:50 CEST 2005

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I have set up a Linux-HA configuration on two systems. DRBD is working, but 
the speed is very low. It never exceeds 500 Kb. Although I've set rate in 
drbd.conf to 700000. Could someone help me with this problem or give me some 
direction, at the moment I don't know if the source of the problem lays in 
DRBD or maybe in the filesystem.
  service drbd status:
 drbd driver loaded OK; device status:
version: 0.7.11 (api:77/proto:74)
SVN Revision: 1807 build by root at VGW-MC02, 2005-07-21 07:58:03
0: cs:SyncSource st:Secondary/Secondary ld:Consistent
ns:3732 nr:0 dw:0 dr:11924 al:0 bm:0 lo:0 pe:76 ua:2048 ap:0
[>...................] sync'ed: 0.1% (91504/91508)M
finish: 57:50:24 speed: 428 (428) K/sec
 resource r0 {

protocol A;
incon-degr-cmd "echo '!DRBD! pri on incon-degr' | wall ; sleep 60 ; halt 

startup {
degr-wfc-timeout 120; # 2 minutes.

disk {
on-io-error detach;

net {
sndbuf-size 512k;

max-buffers 2048;

max-epoch-size 2048;


syncer {
rate 700000;
group 1;

al-extents 257;

on VGW-MC02 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/sda5;
address xx.xx.xx.xx:7788;
meta-disk internal;


on VGW-MC03 {
device /dev/drbd0;
disk /dev/sda5;
address xx.xx.xx.xx:7788;
meta-disk internal;
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