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Corey Edwards tensai at zmonkey.org
Thu Jul 14 16:59:47 CEST 2005

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On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 16:35 +0200, Cliff Simon wrote:
> Drbd is running complete - it syncs at startup but here it stops.
> If i copy a file to the primary after startup, there is no
> modification on the secondary. The connection between the nodes is up:

Are you saying that you have both Primary and Secondary mounted, but
that changes to files on the Primary never show up on the Secondary? If
so, Don't Do That(tm). You should never mount the Secondary for the
reasons you have just outlined. At the least your view of the data will
be incorrect. Worst case is data corruption and a kernel panic.

> Another question is - why do i have two entries in /proc/drbd (0 and
> 1)?
> What are these two entries for? Are these the severeal resources (i
> only have one configured)?

Every resource will get its own entry in /proc/drbd. The number of
entries is configured when the module is loaded. By default, it is 2. If
you would like more or less, try the "minor-count" option in the global

The reason for having extra is so that you can add more resources to an
already running DRBD. Otherwise you have to stop all resources before
adding the new one. Having extras won't hurt anything.

> Is there a switch somewhere for activate the continuously syncing?

You can verify that DRBD is syncing data by watching the "nr" and "dw"
fields in /proc/drbd. They will increase every time data is mirrored.


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