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Great tip!
I read a little bit about it so far.  From what I can tell it behaves a little like DFS for windows.  It just runs in daemon mode, waiting for files that it monitors to change, then it replicates them automatically to the other server.  Does this sound correct?  It sounds like a light-weight replication mechanism, meaning you would not want to use it for instances where a file is constantly changing, and is always opened by another process (for instance database files).  Does that sound accurate?

Thanks again!

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> > All,
> > Is there any way to alter the configuration of the remote peer from 
> > the local one using any mechanism within DRBD?  For 
> instance, suppose 
> > I made a change to drbd.conf, on the local machine, but I 
> wanted that 
> > change to be made to drbd.conf on the remote machine, and I didn't 
> > want to do any complicated ssh, or scp routines.  Is there some 
> > mechanism within drbd that allows me to do this?
> >
> We have csync2 for that purpose.
> http://oss.linbit.com/csync2/
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