[DRBD-user] drbd upon md or md upon multiple drbds?

Christof Amelunxen ca at ordix.de
Fri Jul 8 00:09:28 CEST 2005

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Hi Lars,

Lars Ellenberg said:
>> We have one cluster using drbds as physical volumes and I would just
>> like to know what you mean with "not exactly trivial" as for now it
>> works like a charm but I dont want to bump into some things I didnt
>> think of in advcane later. Are there any special considerations to take
>> except that one has to prevent LVM from detecting the underlying
>> partitions as physical volumes?
> it is "just" remotely possible to encounter funny failure scenarios
> where you might not be able to put all drbds into primary state on the
> same node for whatever reasons, and thus some pvs for the upper volume
> groups are missing...

Ok, thanks for the hint. If I got you right those funny failures scenarios
shouldnt be a problem for us anyway, as we are using exactly one drbd as a
pv for each vg. As I already mentioned, it works perfectly so far.


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