[DRBD-user] Some questions about drbd

Sven Schuster schuster.sven at gmx.de
Wed Jul 6 11:22:09 CEST 2005

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Hello everybody,

I'm currently verifying drbb for use at work in file-, mail-, and
oracle database-servers. There are some questions left, I thought
I'll give it a try but please tell me if it would be better to post
this to the devel list.

1. When the secondary node is down for some time, no mirrored
   hard disk is replaced, how will it be re-synced when it comes
   up again?? Will a complete resync take place, or just the
   changed parts of the block device? If just the changed parts
   are synced, how are those changed parts determined, and what
   is the order in which those parts are synced?? Would such a
   partial resync retain transactions as done by applications??
2. drbd is independent from the kind of block device which is
   underneath it, right?? So, as long as the kernel itself can
   use a block device, it can be used by drbd, regardless if it's
   an ide drive, scsi, raid, or maybe even a ramdisk :-)
3. are there any pitfalls in using drbd on top of hardware raid?
4. one of the questions that came to my boss' mind and which is
   (more or less) directed to linbit: is there any guarantee that
   drbd will still exist in, say, 5 to 10 years from now?? What I
   mean is, if we use it at work, we well use it for quite some
   time and have to make sure that it isn't gone in two years...
   (please bear with me, I've been using linux for about 10 years
   now, I'm an open source freak, but my boss is not...and I'd like
   my opinions to be backed up by someone more knowledgeable, at best
   by someone from linbit :-) )

Thanks in advance!!



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