[DRBD-user] Re: Running root on DRBD

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon Feb 14 22:04:47 CET 2005

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Sorry for this late reaction, I'm a little bit "offline" currently.

> Lars Ellenberg wrote:
> >I may be wrong of course, and they might have improved since I last
> >checked, and it does work. if so, I'd love to hear some confirmation
> >from someone actually running such a beast.
> >

> Hi Lars,
> We've got drbd-0.7.7 working with OpenSSI, and we've used it to failover 
> the root file system. I've posted a tarball on www.openssi.org along 
> with instructions on how to get it working.

Thank you very much for your efforts and this confirmation.
Thats great news (to me).

> We'll be working on making our changes cleaner and better commented.

A svn diff of the drbd part of the code against drbd svn along with the
tarball would be great, and is easy to do.

> Thanks,
> En Chiang

Thank you, indeed.


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