[DRBD-user] How to remove metadata in drbd 7.xxx?

Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at web.de
Tue Feb 8 18:56:57 CET 2005

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Hello Marian ,

> Is any way to remove metatada if i dont use internal metadata before drbd
> devices are conncted? I have two linux nodes and i need to configure one of
> them as primary(also with mounting) before drbd devices are connected.
> After forced swithover sometimes I got message:
> Current Primary shall become sync TARGET! Abort to prevent data corruption
> Is any posibility to avoid these messages?

one possibility is to invalidate the other host, e.g. on the *other* host:

'drbdadm invalidate target'

Further information with 'man drbdadm'. An other possibility probably would be 
to use the '--do-what-I-say' option to drbdsetup, see 'man drbdsetup'

Hope it helps,

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