[DRBD-user] DRBD as NFS share to Samba

LLLActive at GMX.Net LLLActive at GMX.Net
Fri Dec 30 18:52:51 CET 2005

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Hi all,

I am not sure if this question belongs here. I have some access right
problems on a primary DRBD mounted as NFS for export to another server
that serves the users. I use SUSE 10.0 and DRBD 7.14 on a x86_64 system.

The DRBD servers are both isolated in a separate network communicating
over a 1GB switch. 

Prim                       Sec
DRBD1 --------1GB--------- DRBD 2
mount /dev/drbd -> /Data
(NFS Server Exprt /Data)
 100 MB    
(NFS Client /Data)
Appserver 1
Samba smb share /Data
Users M$XP/2K

The second network card in the primary server (will do it with heartbeat
and virtual IP's later) is connected to a network where the main app
server for the NFS share is located. This server runs Samba with a smb
share (of the NFS from DRBD Servers) for the windows network.

New files and directories can be created. As soon as the user want's to
edit the file (new and old), a message is given that the user has no
access rights. This problem does not exist on the older file server
(SuSE 9.3) where no DRBD is used. 

Do I have a DRBD problem or just a Samba problem?

Seasons greetings,

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