[DRBD-user] drbd tcp protocol problems

Joe Buehler jbuehler at spirentcom.com
Wed Dec 21 15:29:44 CET 2005

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We are having a problem with DRBD traffic bogging
down an AFS server.  When DRBD does a resync or
any large transfer the AFS server software becomes
very unresponsive.

Looking at this, the first thing I see with ethereal
is lots of TCP protocol errors on the DRBD gigabit ethernet
link between the two machines.  Neither ifconfig nor netstat
show any errors on the underlying ethernet connections (the
drbd interface is a bonded interface).

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

The NICs are e1000, the kernel is 2.4.20-35.9,
drbd is 0.7.5.

Joe Buehler

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