[DRBD-user] Question about Linux-HA, stonith and data loss

Christof Amelunxen ca at ordix.de
Thu Dec 15 18:24:59 CET 2005

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Hi Lars,

Lars Ellenberg wrote:
>> Does that mean in this case automatical failover without any human
>> intervention is not possible at all if data loss is unacceptable?
> In short, yes.

Ok, just wanted to make sure. Fortunately, data loss is tolerable to a
certain degree in our case so that will at least not cancel the project.

> In DRBD 8 we can avoid this.
> NodeA will block writes right at 2., and trigger a callback.
> It will resume only if the callback (or later cluster manager or
> operator intervention) confirms that either NodeB is in fact dead,
> or has been told that its data is "stale" (it would then refuse to
> become Primary later).
> Or, of course, NodeA might be killed itself, as outlined above.
> But since it blocked all writes, there are no uncommited writes.
> BTW, don't ask when DRBD-8 is production ready.
> This list will be the first one to know.

Thanks for the info. I saw Philip's talk at the Linux-Kongress in Hamburg
and I am looking forward to giving it a try.


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