[DRBD-user] Question about Linux-HA, stonith and data loss

Christof Amelunxen ca at ordix.de
Wed Dec 14 18:59:29 CET 2005

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Hi all,

we are currently implementing an informix dbms cluster using Linux-HA
(1.2.3) and drbd (0.7.5) on SLES9 SP2. Everything is working perfectly
well so far, thanks a lot for all the work that has been done.

I have a question about a special situation that may be an FAQ but still I
didnt find any answers yet:

1. NodeA (P) --- NodeB (S)   # everything ok
2. NodeA (P) - - NodeB (S)   # DRBD detects connection loss, goes WFC
3. NodeA (P) - - NodeB (S)   # Linux-HA detects split brain, A kills B
4.   /       - - NodeB (P)   # NodeB takes over, goes primary

There have been writes on NodeA between step 2 and 3. These are lost after
Linux-HA has killed A and made B primary. I know the best solution is to
avoid this situation by any chance and we are using serial heartbeats,
too, but what if it happens anyway?

Thanks for any help,

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