[DRBD-user] Sendmail and drbd config question

Patrick Begou Patrick.Begou at free.fr
Sat Dec 10 14:14:22 CET 2005

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Dear Diego,

For several days I'm trying to configure sendmail runing with drbd and 
heartbeat and I have a lot of question about "how to make it working". 
Looking for documentation I saw your thread. Did you found any fine 
solution or could you give me some starting point for documents ?

I've 2 debian PC. At this point, I have 2 sendmail.cf files 
(sendmail.lo.cf and sendmail.server.cf) and heartbeat switches from one 
to the other when service switch from one PC to the other. But:
- I get some trouble to forward mails from the slave one (cron, root, 
daemon...) to the master when I have non canonical address. They are 
always delivered localy.
- I'm still not sure about sendmail behavior when the /var/mail area is 
not available on the slave server. Actualy each server has a local 
/var/mail but in production they will not: drbd will replicate the 
master's /var/mail area on an unmounted partition.

Any information about your experience will be a great help.


Please could you answer on my professional email: 
Patrick.Begou at hmg.inpg.fr (I'm writing from home here).

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