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Hans Holm hans.holm at siatm.com
Fri Dec 2 17:14:34 CET 2005

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The idea was to keep three identical disks in three server nodes.
Any of the two standby (secondary) nodes could at any time take over
as operative (primary) node. It should also be possible to separate
one node and use it for test purpose with all the dynamic data up to date.
This when still keeping the other two nodes in a primary/secondary
connected configuration.
One of the primary drbd devices could perhaps run diskless, to
avoid a redundant disk device?


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> > Maciej is saying that md on top of DRBD is nonsense.
> > Is this because it is not working? :-(
> >
> > I'm asking because I have an idea of making a three server
> > one primary and two standby drbd nodes, using md on top of two DRBD
> > in the primary node. Each drbd device connecting to its own standby
> >
> > Could this work? :-)
> What do You want to achieve using MD on the top of DRBD?
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> Maciej Bogucki
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