[DRBD-user] Re: Real fix for drbd-0.7.12

Jeff Fisher jeff at lfchosting.com
Wed Aug 31 20:50:47 CEST 2005

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> Ok, here is the real fix!!! The patch is against drbd-0.7.12 plain.
> This was really hard. 
> In the kernel's API there are two variants of all bitops. The atomic
> ones set_bit(), clear_bit(), test_bit() etc...  and the non atomic
> ones __set_bit(), __clear_bit() ...
> The race condition:
>  CPU1 was in an IO completion handler and used the __set_bit(SYNC_STARTED,..)
>  there. Non atomic means: First, it fetched the word from memory....
>  ... CPU2 was exiting the _drbd_process_ee() function and did the clear bit 
>  clear_bit(PROCESS_EE_RUNNING) atomic = fetch, modify and write...
>  ... back on CPU1 we now do the modify and write...
> So CPU2 sets the PROCESS_EE_RUNNING bit again, because it fetched
> the word before CPU1 did it's atomic update.
> So I conclude, that the rule is:
>   If you use the atomic bitops on a word, you may never ever user the
>   non atomic bitops on the same word anywhere in your code.
> But it feels good, to understand what was going on!

Good work. I'll test it out soon.

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