[DRBD-user] XFS with DRBD problem

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed Aug 24 15:14:44 CEST 2005

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> Sorry about my bad description in last post.
> I drbdadm down primary and secondary devices after a successful
> synchronization ( I Never mount the secondary DRBD device). Then I
> lvresize the volumes first to get rid of metadata then mount the
> volumes, I found out sometimes that I am unable to mount the volume
> because of filesystem error.
> If I use xfs_repair to fix the volume, it always shows that there are
> some problem with the primary superblock of the filesystem. After
> xfs_repair, the filesystem can be mounted however there is a
> "lost+found" directory being create on that filesystem.

so you have a working xfs on B:/dev/drbd0,
then you umount on B, make B secondary, make A primary,
and you are saying you can not mount A:/dev/drbd0 now?

well. works for me.

if you do other funny things, like an lvresize or mounting the
underlying lv directly or other stuff, and it does not work,
find the step that introduces the error, and leave it out.

if it does not work for you, 
try to scribble a test script, that involves only, say,
  lvcreate, dd, drbdadm, mkfs.xfs, bonnie++, some other standard command
  you may need (you got the idea), and
  ssh root@$left respective ssh root@$right,
  that prefixes those commands.

if you don't get something simple, reproducible, to fail,
and it keeps working for me and others, I just cannot help you.

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