[DRBD-user] Apparent buffer overflow (more details)

David Huang david_huang at proware.com.tw
Tue Aug 16 07:03:35 CEST 2005

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I just found out what triggled the Apparent buffer overflow!

When there are a lot of drbd devices and some of them are doing syncing.  Apparent buffer overflow msg will show up in dmesg if I execute "/etc/drbd status" command. and it also usually crash the kernel (see attachment file: drbd.log2)

David Huang 

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Hello everyone

I am running DRBD 0.7.11 on kernel 2.6 with LVM2 and XFS filesystem. I treid to create and bring up the DRBD devices one by one. Everytime when I reached to number 30 or 31, kernel became unstable and crashed after a few seconds (kernel panic) . I dmesg before it crashed ( see the attachment file). There are a lot of  "proc_file_read: Apparent buffer overflow!" msg. 

Is it the limitation of DRBD? or is it just a bug?


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