[DRBD-user] check_drbd version 0.3

Poyner, Brandon bpoyner at ccac.edu
Thu Aug 11 20:46:51 CEST 2005

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You make a good point, I hadn't thought of that.  I have uploaded a
version 0.4 of my check_drbd that can read from stdin with the option
'-p -'.

$ check_by_ssh -H node2 -C 'cat /proc/drbd' -O /var/tmp/drbd.out -s drbd
-n node2 ... | check_drbd -p -

DRBD OK: Device 0 Secondary Connected

Brandon Poyner
Network Engineer III
CCAC - College Office

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> * Poyner, Brandon <bpoyner at ccac.edu> [2005-08-10 09:02:03 -0400]:
> > It would probably be better to use the check_by_ssh plugin 
> to call your
> > plugin, instead of rolling ssh into your plugin.  
> check_by_ssh has all
> > the options you need regarding timeouts, identities, and the like.  
> The problem with check_by_ssh is to deploy all the plugins on 
> the target
> host. For our purpose we do not want this. That's why the ssh part is
> embedded into the plugin.
> > I think most people checking remote resources choose from 
> the options of
> > nrpe, nsca, snmp, and check_by_ssh.  
> Yes, you are right but this plugin is the plugin we use. 
> Everyone can adapt
> it to his environment :)
> Cheers.
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> Igor Genibel
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