[DRBD-user] Invalidate - me too!

Stephan Rattai srattai at zmnh.uni-hamburg.de
Wed Aug 10 11:11:19 CEST 2005

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Am Mittwoch, 10. August 2005 11:06 schrieb Lars Ellenberg:
> / 2005-08-09 15:51:58 -0600
> \ Dan Cunningham:
> > So last night my server started doing the same thing!  We have a 1.5 TB
> > array (80% utilized) and noticed some users were getting permisioned
> > denied messages accessing certin directories, including the root user.
> > We have the same reiser error in the message log each time someone tries
> > to access one of the corrup folders.  I actually disconnected the
> > secondary this weekend, expecting to do some work on it, I don't think
> > thats the problem, but what I am wondering is if I reconnect the
> > servers, if the corruption will sync over.  The hardware is a dell scsi
> > storage vault connected to a dell 2650 running 2.6.8-2/debian with drbd
> nope.
> > 7.  Any ideas or suggesttions???  Extended downtime for fsck is my last
> > option :-(  Also I checked my partitions and the LVM volume has 1G more
> > space then the reiserfs on top of it (ie drbd has 1GB for meta info)
> according to the oopses,
> you run kernel, which is affected by the bio_clone kernel bug,
> which will corrupt data. in case you run on md, and you happen to have
> your swap on md, too, you corrupt memory as well.
> references to the kernel bug recently posted on this list.
> so if you take a down time, make sure you update the kernel, too!

The oopses at the end of Dan's mail were mine, I posted them after I found out 
the one I posted first wasn't the first.

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