[DRBD-user] check_drbd version 0.3

Poyner, Brandon bpoyner at ccac.edu
Mon Aug 8 17:10:56 CEST 2005

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A bit back I released a check_drbd Nagios plugin.  As I'm about to
deploy a set of servers using DRBD 0.7, I have rewritten the plugin in
perl and added more functionality.  You can now decide what situations
you want to be ok, warning, or critical.  If you want StandAlone to be
ok and Connected to be critical that's perfectly possible:
$ check_drbd --ok StandAlone --critical Connected
DRBD CRITICAL: Device 0 Primary Connected Consistent

You can come up with any combinations you wish.  I suggest using --debug
to make sure the settings are how you want them.  The default settings
are for Connected, Consistent, Primary, and Secondary to be ok;
StandAlone and re-syncing are warning; everything else is critical.  
Please give feedback if you find any problems (include the --debug
output please).
Brandon Poyner
Network Engineer III
CCAC - College Office
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