[DRBD-user] machine hanging after resync (drbd 0.7.4, SLES8)

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Sep 24 18:29:17 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-09-24 16:28:24 +0100
\ David Goodwin:
> Hi,
> When installing DRBD on a pair of shuttle computers (sk41s), I find that 
> it functions fine apart from after i simulate a failover.
> Powering off the primary machine, the secondary takes over ok. But when 
> the failed machine rejoins the cluster it undertakes the partial resync 
> and then hangs hard (part of the way through the resync).
> Any suggestions on how I can debug this further? Keyboard is locked up 
> (caps lock doesn't work etc), and I've tried alt+sysrq+[srbp] etc. No 
> messages are written out to the console (aside from normal boot up 
> messages).
> I'm guessing it's hardware related, but the same systems only appear to 
> have problems when running drbd. Other mirroring software (e.g. under 
> Windows) hasn't behaved in a similar manner.

which mirroring software?

did you do a memtest?

does your via southbrige flip random bits during high DMA load?

no further idea at this point. sorry.

> Interestingly enough, this behaviour is repeatable (i.e. if i power 
> cycle the hung machine, and let it boot normally it will hang again, and 
> again (1 in 4 times it seems to succeed ok, and things go back to normal)
> I have noticed that if I reboot the hung machine into single user mode, 
> and then start the network and drbd, it doesn't hang. I've tried 
> disabling some random init scripts (e.g. hotplug, shmfs etc) but it 
> doesn't help.
> </sigh>
> OS is SLES8 with the 2.4.21 kernel. DRBD version 0.7.4. (The same 
> problems were experienced with drbd-0.6.12, although it didn't seem to 
> be as consistant with regards to failing to undertake the resync after 
> the failover).
> Suggestions welcome :)
> thanks
> David.

	Lars Ellenberg

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