[DRBD-user] "syncer" crash when doing full resync

Kohari, Moiz mkohari at enterasys.com
Wed Sep 22 23:26:18 CEST 2004

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I am seeing a drbdd oops almost exact in nature to the one below, certainly looks like memory corruption.  It is happening in the same spot (drbd_end_req()).


Because this is happening somewhat consistently within the drbd subsystem and no where else, I wonder if the corruption is coming from within drbd?  Was this issue ever resolved?


I am using drbd version 0.6.12, has anyone seen this problem with newer versions of drbd?




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[...OOPS deleted...]
> ohwell :(
After finding time to analyze this problem it is clear that the 
peer sent an invalid response-cookie, which caused this node to crash.
We understand what happened there:
 -> receive_block_ack
     -> drbd_end_req
         -> struct Drbd_Conf* mdev = drbd_conf + MINOR(req->bh->b_rdev);
The crash happens while dereferencing req->bh
The register holding req (%esi) has 0xffffffff .
This req comes from the peer, it got it with the request to write a block.
Either your peer is corrupting its memory (more probabely), or 
the node, on which the OOPS happened is corrupting its memory (less
Please go and get new hardware.
[In case memtest86 does not find anything, it could be that the 
 IO operation to disk does the memory corruption...]
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