[DRBD-user] Debianization (was: DRBD 0.7.4)

Philipp Reisner philipp.reisner at linbit.com
Mon Sep 20 14:39:51 CEST 2004

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> Things could be worked out with upstream to make coordination of the
> debian directory easier.  Here are some steps that could be taken.
> 1) Don't put code changes in the debian/changelog.  The debian
>    changelog should only be for changes to the debian packaging, or
>    closing bugs that have been filed in the Debian BTS.  For code
>    updates, the ChangeLog file at the base directory of the source tarball
> is the appropriate place for that information.  It does not need to be
> duplicated in the debian package changelog.
> 2) Don't tag a package as being for unstable unless it is actually
>    destined for unstable.  Also, lets come up with an alternate
>    versioning scheme that will interact well with Debian versioning.
> For example, in  the current drbd-0.7.4 tarball, in the changelog
> there is:
> drbd (0.7.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
> Instead, I propose:
> drbd (0.7.4-0) experimental; urgency=low
> Now, lets say drbd-0.7.4-1 makes it into debian, but due to lag or
> whatever there is a desire to make changes to the debian directory.
> For that case I would recommend:
> drbd (0.7.4-1upstream1) experimental; urgency=low
> If another upstream version came out before it was packaged in debian,
> you could do:
> drbd (0.7.4-1upstream2) experimental; urgency=low
> etc.
> Now, lets say a new version of the package goes into Debian.  It would
> get:
> drbd (0.7.4-2) unstable; urgency=low
> And then upstream could increment that via:
> drbd (0.7.4-2upstream1) experimental; urgency=low
> Hopefully this makes sense.  I'm definately open to other suggestions
> on how to make this process better.

Hi David,

Looks really good. I will addopt all suggested items!

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