[DRBD-user] kernel: drbd: sendpage() omitted: 24822/39147276 [XFS' broken IO requests?]

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon Sep 6 14:38:37 CEST 2004

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On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 02:44:56AM +0100, German Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi 
> And when 7.4 will be available ?

end of september?

but, hey, its only a kinfo message... if we disable the message, the
problem is still there. and the problem is with those funny subsystems
like xfs that think they can pass around pages with a reference count of
zero and not crash the box sonner or later... we only can try to work
around it; at least thats how I see this issue now.

	Lars Ellenberg

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