[DRBD-user] Problem with DRBD and Heartbeat

Christian Garling christian at cg-networks.de
Sat Sep 4 21:11:06 CEST 2004

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now my DRBD works. I can change the primary / secondary state on both
nodes manually. But using DRDB in combination with Heartbeat fails. I will
describe the problem:

1. booting the two nodes

2. drbd starts

3. heartbeat starts

4. the drbddisk script from heartbeat tries to to mount the drbd device on
both nodes (i think so, not sure)

5. it fails because of the following problem, found as described in
  * not always true, e.g. someone trying to mount on Secondary
  * maybe error out immediately here?
  D_ASSERT(mdev->state == Primary);

The error messages I receive:

drbd0: ASSERT( mdev->state == Primary ) in drbd_req.c:186
drbd0: ASSERT( mdev->state == Primary ) in drbd_compat_wrappers.h:286

After a while the drbdisk script mounts the drbd device read only.

I think the problem is, that both nodes come up as secondary and both
nodes try to mount the drbd device at same time. I dont know how to solve
this problem. I use kernel 2.4.26, drbd 0.7.3 and heartbeat 1.0.4.


Christian Garling

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