[DRBD-user] I know why - kernel OOPS

Dan Didier dan at mapolce.com
Wed Sep 1 16:23:00 CEST 2004

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This was a hardware related problem.  One system is a dell 2400 with a
built in raid controller.  This system runs fine.  The other system was
a dell 1500sc with two scsi controllers.  One was a megaraid controller,
and this seemed to cause us problems with drbd and also our backup
software.  We temporarily put in a pc class system and all is working
well.  We are getting some debd0_worker ko errors, but I imagine this
can be tweaked.

I appreciate all your help Lars.  We will be configuring and exact image
of the dell 2400 system and bring things up soon.  I am sure I will have
more questions.


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