[DRBD-user] File data corrupt when I switch Nodes

Kevin Izzet Kevin.Izzet at nsc.com
Wed Sep 1 12:44:55 CEST 2004

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Hi Lars,

Changed code and restarted drbd, forced a resync of the secondary server, 
completed I failed over onto the secondary server and the results are the 

Failed back to original primary and all ok, ran an fsck.ext3 on both sides 
(while device primary on each)
which showed no errors.

Re-created the ext3 file system (mke2fs -j -L drbd0 -b 4096 /dev/drbd0) 
and re-created the file structure,
tried a switch but the data is still corrupt......


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\ Kevin Izzet:
> Hi Lars,
> Couldn't get a fresh SVN due to our firewall setup (not locally managed 
> can't change) so
> I modified the drbd_config.h in the version i have and rebuilt the 
> (on both nodes).

well, that does not help.
the version you have does not know about the DRBD_DISABLE_SENPAGE define

> I then restarted drbd on both nodes and forced a full resync of the 
> secondary node, now
> when I try and mount the file system on the secondary node i get the 
> following error :-

expected, as it still is the very same situation as before.
nothing has changed.

seemingly we have an issue with 2.4. code.
maybe we just forgot to update some of the endless #if/#endif branches
for 2.4. with fixes that only went into some 2.6. branches.
maybe it is not as easy as that. I don't know yet.

for now, you could simply find in drbd_main.c, in function
_drbd_send_page the line (ca 940) where it says

        if ( (page_count(page) < 1) || PageSlab(page) ) {

and replace that with
                 if ( 1 ) {


                 Lars Ellenberg

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