[DRBD-user] LVM 1 + DRBD

Marc Cousin mcousin at sigma.fr
Thu Oct 28 13:30:02 CEST 2004

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> the problem was that vgscan would detect and activate the lower level
> devices instead of the "transparent virtual" block devices,
> like md, drbd, whatever.

Ok, so if my patch makes drbd behave just like md and nbd for lvm, it should 
be ok ?

> it works with lvm2, since they by design know about include and exclude
> device (pattern) filters.
> maybe with drbd "internal" meta data lvm1 just works anyways,
> because the lvm meta data is not found where expected on the lower
> level device, and therefore not recognized.
> if you patch lvm1 to exclude certain devices in a similar fashion,
> that could work, too. only, you have to get it right.
> you really do not want lvm to activate your lower level device.
> and I don't see any reason to patch lvm1,
> if lvm2 is available, and more powerful.
Is LVM2 available on RHES 3 (one of our targets), without patching the kernel 
itself ?
If it's not the case, I'd rather just have to update LVM rpms and install the 
drbd rpm (not that I am afraid, but I'm working with very careful people :) )
Of course, on the servers where I can use LVM2, I've allready made the 
>  Lars Ellenberg

Thanks a lot for your useful answers anyway.

Marc Cousin

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