[DRBD-user] LVM 1 + DRBD

Marc Cousin mcousin at sigma.fr
Thu Oct 28 08:50:49 CEST 2004

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I want to use LVM 1.0 + DBRB on my servers, and have questions about it :
From what I've read, it seems that it is impossible to use LVM 1 on top of 
DRBD (this could be done with LVM2 thanks to the lists of device one can give 
it in the configuration file).

Technically, where does this impossibility come from ?

To ask the real question, I've taken the LVM 1.08 tools code, looked at how it 
has changed from older versions in order to allow the use of NBD as PVs, and 
duplicated the work to use DBRD as PVs. My real question is to know if it is 
crazy to do so (patch the LVM tools, even if the patch is only a few lines, 
very close to copy n paste) and if the whole thing is going to crash in a few 
hours (it works great for now, we've done lots of test and DRBD is amazing).

We don't want to use DRBD on top of LVs as it seems way too complicated to 
manage (resizes, snapshots, etc ...), and easy to forget to add the DRBD on a 
freshly created LV. I want it as simple as possible as I'm not the one who 
will maintain the servers (dozens of servers), and some of them will have to 
be resized very often (the development machines).


Marc Cousin

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