[DRBD-user] 0.7.4 in state WFReportParams forever ?

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Sun Oct 24 17:27:19 CEST 2004

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/ 2004-10-24 16:01:36 +0100
\ Matthew Hodgson:
> oops - my bad; I haven't played with the commandline options for
> klogd before - here we go with the symbols being deferenced from
> (hopefully the correct) System.map:

hm... they look a bit strange.
in case you can reproduce the hang,
please recompile drbd with DBG_ALL_SYMBOLS defined in drbd_config.h
(and don't forget to make sure the recompiled module
 is installed and loaded! )

> (apologies again for supersize lines...)
> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: drbd0_receive D 00000001  4416   328      1          4542   280 (L-TLB)
> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: Call Trace:    [__down+114/192]
confused call trace, I guess.

> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: drbd0_worker  S 00000002  4572  4542      1          6151   328 (L-TLB)
> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: Call Trace:    [sense_data_texts+934/1024]

ok, this thread is fine.

> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: drbdsetup     D 4000A490     0  6151      1         11057  4542 (NOTLB)
> Oct 24 15:37:52 kernel: Call Trace:    [__down+114/192]

this should never end up there in the first place.
but yes, it is expected to hang when the drbd_receiver hangs
itself in the sending function.

> If there's anything more I can do in trying to reproduce
> or investigate where things have hung, just say.

well, it is a race.
and to reproduce races is not easy...
and I'm still not seing who takes part in this race,
because actually, the only competitor should be the
drbd_receiver thread itself.

so, just try to reproduce it some more times :)
and enable those DBG_ALL_SYMBOLS, and then maybe try
if you can still reproduce with those two small fixes
in current svn.

If you really can reproduce this with not too much effort,
I'm sure I can come up with some "print style" like debug patch
to find exactly where it hangs.
but you should be able to reproduce it first.

	Lars Ellenberg

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