[DRBD-user] re: acl support with drbd

john little jslittl at hendricks.org
Sun Oct 10 21:36:04 CEST 2004

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Hello all,

I am attempting to use acl support with drbd.  So far I haven't been
able to get the acl's to failover properly. (At least I think that's the
problem-if there is some other reason that you know of please let me know).

2 x SLES 8 Servers
2 x drbd version: 0.7.4, setup with heartbeat to start smb, nmb, winbind
2 x samba Version 3.0.5 setup for SuSE by SerNet-UL, using winbind
2 x xfs with acl support enabled.
2 x kernel 2.4.21-251-default

Everything works fine on the machine where the document is created.
When failover occurs the document goes to read only.  This happens
whether the document is opened or closed at failover.

Is there some documentation somewhere on this?  Or is it even possible?

Thanks for your help.



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IMHO the acl's are handled by the file system (in your case xfs) and not
by the underlaying block device.

Maybe ask on linux-ha.org or the xfs team.

Greetings Alex//


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That is correct how the acl's are handled.  However I have set up the 
acl's to match on both machines.  Still, no matter how I setup samba, 
ha, drbd or any of the other applications, when fail over occurs they 
still come up as read only.

I don't know if there is something in the code with drbd or samba that 
won't allow the acl's to come over properly.  That may be a question 
that one of the drbd developer's can answer. Beyond that all of the 
applications function admirably.


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