[DRBD-user] GFS & Co

Alexander Opitz opi at le-bit.de
Wed Oct 6 02:09:10 CEST 2004

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I've read the ROADMAP for DRBD 0.8 and I'm interested in helping on 
following paragraph:

+ 9 Support shared disk semantics  ( for GFS, OCFS etc... )

Cause my boss needs this and I want to create a cluster distribution 
(with easy and fast setup) for different Server/Cluster Solutions.

This Server/Cluster Distribution should have a frontend (like dia) where 
you drag&drop all your servers, give them names and services, connect 
them with lines. The Software should tell you what you need (if more 
pathes possible, the admin should decide) ... after all is done, a CD 
iso image should be generated (with Morphix?) this can be booted, you 
enter name of the station and all will work automagicaly ;)

Strange dream? I think no :) but hard to reach.

And first think to start would be the DRBD Support for shared disks.

So, where can I start, how you want it implemented or else information 
would be nice, cause I never wrote on Kernel/Driver base yet ... my 
latest experiences are the Mozilla MNG patch.

Alexander Opitz//

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