[DRBD-user] Jumbo Frames

Paul G paul at rusko.us
Tue Nov 9 11:49:00 CET 2004

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Subject: [DRBD-user] Jumbo Frames

> Hi,
> My friend, Ben Cheng, sent this link to me regarding gigabit.
> http://www.small-tree.com/jumbo1.htm
> A very nice article about setting the mtu to 9018.
> Has anyone heard or even tried this?
> Please share as I am very tempted to change my current setting on my
> gigabit card. I am using a cross cable between my two servers so no
> router. I am using drbd version 0.7.5 .
> Any comments?

jumbo frames are useful to decrease pps when that's a bottleneck. is it? i
would be surprised if it were. i personally turn on interrupt coalescing
first and don't bother with jumbo frames.


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