[DRBD-user] Machine crashed repeatedly: drbd16: Epoch set sizewrong!!found=1061 reported=1060

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann at freenet.de
Tue Nov 2 17:15:04 CET 2004

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Hello Todd,

Todd Denniston schrieb:
> I am not sure if the XSeries are x86 machines or not,

Yes, they are!

> if they are you might try memtest86[1], if they are not then the old 'memory
> test script'[2] can be useful.

I tested with this script (I didn't know it since yesterday), but I
couldn't find any problem on both machines :-(.

Maybe, I have got some time to check it with memtest tomorrow.


> [1] http://linux.maruhn.com/sec/memtest86.html
> [2] http://people.redhat.com/dledford/memtest.html
> [3] http://www.linuxforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86713

Thanks for the links,
kind regards,
Andreas Hartmann

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