[DRBD-user] sync time

Jim Richard jimr at psi.edu
Sun Mar 21 12:25:51 CET 2004

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just a question about whether my SyncAll time is good or should I be 
adjusting some parameters.

2 machines, 5GB SCSI/160 devices on each, connected by a crossover 
cable, both with GigaBit cards, one machine is a P4 2.8 other is a 
Athlon 1700+. SyncAll is happening at about 18000 k/sec, takes about 5 
to 6 minutes. no other activity on the machines or the wire.

Is that a decent time or should I be adjusting something? Not that I 
think that's slow, I just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of 
the link. I can't seem to be able to increase MTU on one of the cards 
beyond 1500, do only certain cards support jumbo packets? THis is what 
is seems like from some of the research I've done, just wanted to see if 
someone else has experienced the same as far as MTU goes...


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