[DRBD-user] Cluster solution questions as it relates to DRDB

Dan Didier dan at mapolce.com
Wed Jun 30 17:11:30 CEST 2004

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I am very excited that I found the DRDB project as this enables some
excellent options with clustering   I have a few questions that I feel
are simple but would like some input from some experienced users.

We are looking to utilize two redhat9 servers running raid locally in a
high availability solution.  DRDB looks like an excellent fit as it
provides the best file mirroring that I could find and allows us to do
this without a separate SAN or network attached storage solution.

Will the ext3 file system function well in this solution, or is there
another preferable file system?

Should I have dedicated network cards for the DRDB mirroring?  There
will be a low volume of data.

I am looking at using Ultra-Monkey or LINUX HA.  I am leaning towards
Ultra-Monkey as it seems to be more supported and tested for redhat9.
Is there another solution I should be considering?

Thanks for all your help,

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