[DRBD-user] Samba shares and etc/ha.d/resources.d/Filesystem

Gregory Golin gregorygolin at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 15 18:56:44 CEST 2004

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someone PLEASE clarify this issue. is it possible to mount smb shares
with Filesystem?
i need heartbeat to mount a drbd smb share that resides on the other

i issue the following command, to test:

root at boxter#./Filesystem

this results in:

2004/06/15_17:48:06 ERROR: Couldn't find directory   to use as a mount
usage: ./Filesystem <device> <directory> <fstype> [<options>]

<device>    : name of block device for the filesystem. e.g. /dev/sda1,
              OR -LFileSystemLabel OR -Uuuid or an NFS specification
<directory> : the mount point for the filesystem
<fstype>    : name of the filesystem type. e.g. ext2
<options>   : options to be given as -o options to mount.

: Filesystem.in,v 2003/07/03 05:05:19 alan Exp $

other than this, heartbeat and drbd work great.


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