[DRBD-user] practical DRBD setups

Michael Hoennig michael at hostsharing.net
Wed Jun 2 15:55:25 CEST 2004

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Hi DRBD users,

How do you have set up your DRBD cluster?  I can come up with the
following setups:


For each productive host there is one hot standby host.  This means
double hardware cost.


There are multiple productive hosts for a single hot standby host.  For
3:1 this only increases hardware cost by about 50% (you still need
diskspace for each productive system).  When it comes to a failure, the
other productive hosts must not fail too until the failed host is back
up again and productive.

For the n:1 situation: Anybody here who utilizes such a setup?  What kind
of disk system do you use?  Thanks for sharing!


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