[DRBD-user] SyncingAll at any drbd startup

Paolo Morandi paolo at i-dome.com
Wed Jun 2 15:40:06 CEST 2004

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>>Now the cluster is running with heartbeat and work fine. If i start drbd 
>>i see on the primary machine in Secondary/Secondary state, after 
>>heartbeat i see the filesystem mounted and the cluster state in 
>>If i stop heartbeat the filesystem are unmounted and the cluster state 
>>back to Secondary/Secondary. So if I stop drbd, can restart without sync.
>>The problem is when i want shutdown the cluster: if i dont make manually 
>>the operation at the new statup the cluster go to SyncAll.
> so what do you mean by "shutdown the cluster"?
> what exactly do you do?
> what is involved?
> what might that implicate?
> answer yourself that questions, and keep in mind that
> drbd needs to be Con:Sec/Sec when before it loses connection.

For 'shutdown the server' I mean to make off the two servers.

I've got the problem, but I didn't understand why if I make - first - on
primary and after on the slave server 'heartbeat stop', then 'drbd stop'
and 'init 0' don't make sync.
If I force manually first 'init 0' on the primary and then on slave,
goes in sync.

So I don't undestand the reason even if I already put in rc0.d directory
both K05heartbeat and K08drbd, hoping that acting like this shoul
perform first 'hearbeat stop' and after the 'drbd stop'


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