[DRBD-user] Hard disk upgrade

Lars Ellenberg Lars.Ellenberg at linbit.com
Fri Jan 30 22:13:02 CET 2004

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/ 2004-01-30 18:33:55 +0100
\ Matthias Zeichmann:
> <quote who="matthias zeichmann" when="Fri, 30 Jan 2004 16:04:21 +0100"/>
> replying to myself...
> > i tried this: 
> > set disk-size on beton in drbd.conf to 1992300
> >                               on mz to 9612100
> > i used the output of 'df -k' for the values of disk-size
> that was wrong of course, i did another try with disk-size matching the
> output of "fdisk -l".
> that makes the "bitmap too small" and "no bitmap!" messages on the
> sending side disappear, but sync does not happen:

> Jan 30 16:50:50 mz kernel: drbd0: Your size hint is bogus!change it to 2024158
> Jan 30 16:50:50 mz kernel: drbd0: Connection lost.

sorry, I forgot about that.
ok, it is not supposed to work with two differently configured
disk-size options on the drbd partners.

so the plan A becomes:

  with minimal downtime I think it should work like this:
  bring up kaelte 

+	  The disk-size should be still the old value.
	  wait for the sync atem -> kaelte
	  start heartbeat (and thus services)
  on atem stop heartbeat and services
  on atem stop drbd
	  hard disk upgrade
	  config (disk-size) upgrade
	  rm /var/lib/drbd/*

+ You have to have a downtime now:
   stop heartbeat and all services,
   change the disk-size parameter, 
   restart drbd,
   resize2fs /dev/nbX

  restart heartbeat and all services,
  Then start drbd on atem, wait for the full sync kaelte -> atem,
  start heartbeat and services ...

	Lars Ellenberg

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